Charlottesville VA Best Known For 3 Things

According to the Washington Post, Charlottesville VA is best known for e things:  the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, and Dave Matthews. For those of us who moved here from Los Angeles, New York, or any other metropolitan city, Charlottesville, Virginia is best known for its quality of life, beauty, and traditions.

In Charlottesville, Virginia the new year is celebrated with First Night Virginia on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall where music, fireworks, and performing arts are enjoyed by all.

We celebrate our festivals in Charlottesville, Virginia!  In the spring there is the Virginia Festival of the Book.  June brings the Festival of the Photograph.  There are so many:  The Ash Lawn Opera Festival, Charlottesville Chamber Music Festival, James River Batteau Festival, The Dogwood Festival, The Cville Vegetarian Festival, to name a few.  We even have a Tango Festival.  More festivals can be found at Welcome To Virginia.

History is significant in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Lewis and Clark’s historic journey began in Charlottesville and we celebrate with reenactments, food and cultural events.  There are civil war reenactments.

If you are thinking of visiting Charlottesville and want to stay on the Historic Charlottesville Downtown Mall to experience the Charlottesville city culture then book a room at the The Inn at Court Square 434 295-2800  or 200 South Street Inn 434 979-0200.  The Inn at 400 West High is also a good choice 434 981-0458 if you want to be able to walk the Charlottesville Downtown Mall without getting in your car.

If you prefer the vineyard scene try Arcady Vineyard Bed and Breakfast 434 872-9475 or Glass House Winery Bed and Breakfast at 434 965-2190

The Board Head Inn 434 296-2181 and Keswick Hall 800 274-5391 are elegant and first class.

There is always something to do in Charlottesville and Central Virginia:  Hiking, Golf, Orchards and Farms, Shopping, Vineyards, Historic Sites, Tennis, Art and Culture.

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