Charlottesville Equine Fencing

In Charlottesville, Virginia, our equine homes require safe fencing! Safe pasture fencing for your horse involves careful planning. Before investing thousands of dollars in materials, it is recommended you put time and effort into designing a fencing system that will work for your horses and farm design footprint, before rushing out and breaking ground. As you move forward with planning, if budget is a consideration, you can perhaps save by installing high end fencing on the front of your property and a bit less expensive fencing towards the rear. If you are fencing a small paddock area, make certain a sturdier fencing is utilized for those horses and ponies who romp and could potentially collide with the fencing. When designing your pasture fencing, keep a keen eye on budget, length measurements, wood posts, corners, ponds, trees and of course, fencing height. Remember, if you have big jumpers, your fence height should be at least 48″ or even higher, just in case your prized jumper fancies an occasional quick escape.

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